The Science Myth

The Myth of Science

Science has been defined as “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment” or “is the study of the nature and behaviour of natural things and the knowledge that we obtain about them.” The study of science then should disprove or dispel myths. However, science can create its own myths or stories that many people believe but it is actually untrue. Like the myth that all progress is good.

The Natural World

One of the main myths of science is that scientists only study the ‘Natural World’ through observation and experiment. An explanation, or hypothesis, is developed to explain an observed phenomena. Then to prove the hypothesis, experiments are conducted within strict guidelines to ensure untainted results are recorded. Any results that contradict the hypothesis are often judged to be the result of a random anomaly or failure to control the experiment. In medicine these are often recorded as paradoxical events or the result of ‘The Placebo Effect’. More on this at another time.

The natural world studied by science is restricted to what can be proven, i.e, seen with the eyes, felt by touch, smelt with the nose, measured with some piece of technology or replicated by independent sources. This tends to restrict science to only examining about 5% of the natural universe, 95% of the universe cannot be observed with our five physical senses  or a device created by man for the express purpose of measuring what we expect to measure. What these devices don’t measure is what else exists in harmony with the effects or substances being measured. The device is limited to only find what we have programmed it to find.

By definition the ‘Natural World’ includes “all of the animals, plants, and other things existing in nature and not made or caused by people” (Merriam-Webster). This is a broad definition but creates the delineation as being ‘created or caused by people’. Those things created by people would include all forms of technology or devices that we have created through the centuries to make living in this world easier. What has existed prior to our interference is part of the natural world. It becomes a little blurry at times when you consider that a substance, like gypsum is part of that natural world but when we apply certain techniques to that substance, it becomes dry wall plaster sheet that we use to line the walls of our homes and is therefore not natural.

Science would have us believe that the only substances that exist in the natural world are those able to be measured or observed through the use of scientific methods. In the 19th century, if you told someone that within the next 100 years people would be able to communicate with another person on the other side of the world while standing in a paddock, you would have been thought to be crazy, or a magician. Scientists discovered ways to use and manipulate the already existing energy to transmit and receive signals in that hidden environment and the use of mobile phones is now common place with people talking to friends on the other side of the world while walking down the street.

Many scientists now recognise that this world exists even though they cannot see, measure or observe it. The only thing they can see is the effect created when the energy is manipulated. Much the same way as a scientist experimenting in the area of Quantum Physics measures the existence of sub-atomic particles by examining the effects those particles have on the natural world around them and decide that those particles probably exist, even though they cannot be seen, measured or observed. This mass that does not reflect light is referred to as ‘Dark Matter’. The energy that cannot be detected with existing equipment is referred to as ‘Dark Energy’. It’s there but they don’t know how to measure it. Dark Matter and Dark Energy make up approximately 95% of the universe but cannot be observed by science or proven to exist. It is believed that they exist because their effects can be measured or seen. It is the matter and energy that holds everything in their place.

It is with this in mind that we revisit the works of someone like H.P. Blavatsky (“ISIS Unveiled”, 1875) who has been widely regarded as being a crackpot and a spiritualist charlattan. In her first volume sub-titled ‘Science’, she explores the concept of the ‘ether’ as those forms of matter and energy that science cannot, will not, conceed exists because it is too challenging for many in the scientific community to accept as a possibility. To admit that a hidden invisible natural world exists that cannot be explained is way too challenging. So, a label is put on it so it can be classified to fit in to the scientific world view. It is called ‘supernatural’ or ‘paranormal’ so those phenomena can be excluded from the natural world. However,those phenomena are part of the natural world when they are not caused by people but are seen or perceived by people.

The Invisible Natural World

This invisible, immeasurable, undetectable world exists whether you choose to believe or not. If you want to see the possible future, look at the works of science fiction that exist. Science fiction writers are at the fore-front of scientific exploration through the use of their imagination. Without Jules Verne’s 19th century writing of his nuclear powered submarine in “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” which certainly inspired the development of them in the 20th century.

Ask any child to tell you about ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Dark Energy’. It is part of the storylines in ‘Pokemon’.

The world is full of subtle energy fields, spirits and hidden forces accessible by some and recognised by many. It is the magical world of myths, legends,  psychics, mediums, spiritual healers, paranormal and superstition. This world is real! It is arguably more real than the veneer of civilisation we have created to try and displace it.

As science progresses in its understanding of the natural world, we see advances in the use of these hidden energy fields like Quantum Locking. Quantum Locking occurs when a super-conductor is frozen with liquid nitrogen and can be placed within a magnetic field and will hold its position without any observable support. Appearing to ‘hang’ in mid-air supported by unseen forces that defy logic.

While I cannot on this site prove the existence of spirit entities and subtle energies that influence how we think and behave, anyone who is sensitive to those influences knows what I am talking about. And just because you haven’t experienced them does not mean they don’t exist. It means you haven’t recognised the influence it has on you and, therefore, haven’t experienced them. Maybe you would think differently if you open your mind to the possibility of their existence.

I have met many people who swear they have been visited by the dis-embodied spirit of their husband, wife, father, mother, grandparent or other significant person not long after their death. It may be a trick played by their grieving mind. But, what if it isn’t?

The plethora of intelligent people who use Alternative and Wholistic Medicine  in its many forms, as described by Richard Gerber in his book ‘Vibrational Medicine‘, when it is not subsidised by government funding ‘because it works’. While ‘Science’ requires proof of the effectiveness of such treatment systems, it rejects forms of evidence that does not meet its strict guidelines governing such evidence. Anecdotal evidence, stories told by people who have experience some change or benefit from these complementary techniques, is not acceptable evidence according to rigid thinking scientific mind. The Platonian myth that only rational, logical argument is ‘true knowledge’ is blatantly false and is probably the source of the elitist view that many scientists seem to have about science’s place in the world.

The knowledge of the Ancients is not to be ignored. Any group of people who could build pyramids and other structures that cannot be constructed using modern equipment and building techniques should not be ignored. The Ancients worked in harmony with those hidden forces using techniques lost to the modern age.

The great science myth is that ‘if we can’t see, measure or observe it, it doesn’t exist’ or ‘if we can’t prove it, it doesn’t exist’! It’s sort of like standing on a railway track with your back to the oncoming locomotive saying ‘If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist!’

“… the way in which certain results of quantum mechanics are presented seems to signal the return to a religious view of the world, as indicated by the break with a deterministic vision of natural phenomena. The ultimate essence of matter leaves space for the unforeseeable since quantum mechanics presents the results of its calculations by means of a mathematical language that expresses uncertain phenomena.” (‘Myth’: INTERS – Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Religion and Science, edited by G. Tanzella-Nitti and A. Strumia,

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