Original Spirituality: Out of Australia

Original Spirituality

What is the Original Spiritual belief system that has influenced all religious belief systems? There is a common thread within all religions worldwide, that of the existence of a God (supreme being) or Gods (lesser deities). That we have a soul or inner spiritual connection to the supreme being. What are the origins of a belief in a supreme being? Why are the stories from different cultures so similar?

The earliest monotheistic belief system recorded is Zoroasterism. Sometime around 6300BC, Zarathustra travelled away from his homeland, reportedly into the area now known as India, and studied the Rig-Veda and Gathras of the Hindu faith, as it is now known. What he studied was partly recorded and partly oral tradition. But where did that oral tradition about a supreme being come from?

In his own country, Persia, the people believed in many gods. They had a god for every occasion. They were the gods of the earth spirits, similar to the Wicca spirits, of the weather, trees, water, animals and elementals.

Zarathustra returned home to Persia and began teaching about the one supreme being, Ahura Mazda which in Persian means the ‘Lord of Wisdom’. The supreme being created all things from out of a void. Creating first the earth, then water and air and land. The supreme being was the source of all life.

The Zoroasterian teachings spread throughout the Middle East, Egypt and the Mediterranean, into Africa and the lower parts of Europe. By around 600BC, the Zoroasterian beliefs had been adopted by the Egyptians, was the basis for the Judaism and Islamic faiths and was accepted the Greek philosopher Aristotle as the foundation for his new science.

Could it be that all religious belief systems come from the one source!

But where did the origin of those teachings come from?

In the tradition of the ‘Dreamtime’ of the Aboriginal people of Australia, the oldest oral tradition of a supreme being responsible for the creation of this world has been taught for over 60,000 years. Passed down from generation to generation, the oral tradition of the ‘Dreaming’ has been proven to be incredibly accurate.

According to Evan and Steven Strong on their website, Forgotten Origin, the Aboriginal (original people) spirituality and teachings may be the source of all religious belief systems as it is the oldest recorded belief in a single supreme being who created the earth.egyptian glyphs

They have been able to demonstrate through archealogical finds from around the world and Mitochondrial DNA testing that Aboriginal travellers visited many parts of the world and were visited by people from other lands. For example, the Egyptian hieroglyphs found near Gosford in New South Wales. It is believed that two Egyptians visited the Gosford area approximately 4300 years ago for spiritual guidance, according to the local elders.

Mitochondrial DNA testing has revealed that Aboriginal DNA can be traced back to one of two sources of DNA variants over 400,000 years old. That seems to give credence to Wegener’s theory of Continental Drift where the super continent of Pangea broke in two and Gondwanaland drifted away. Two distinct DNA patterns on two continents. This massive landmass then broke up into Australia, Africa, Antartica, India and South America drifting into their current positions.

The elders of the Original People tell a very similar story. Myth or fact?


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  1. From countless hours research and digging in places I probably shouldn’t the main belief system in this “supreme being” is what’s I call the flayed lord. All religions are essentially control and not good. Now the esoteric when a medicine man removes a illness by sucking it out and places it in a stone it moves through the body and gives a little boost to the practitioner when someone is put into suffering by force and this is removed by the practitioner the boost is like crack cocain it eventually becomes all that sustains them. The reason for so much negative energy being produced in the world is that this removing of illness or negative energy by certain men got out of hand and they need massive amounts to sustain them now. These are commonly called reptilians. The pain current was understood and put to use and misused. There are two supreme beings the one that was forced into suffering as the pain current overflows the body the “flayed lord” deity comes through and was worshiped or given what it needed. Wink wink A religious belief system in an imaginary entity for control would not have been sustainable in the bush. The sorcery and comical drawings are the skin bones and things used with strings (esoteric Buddhism)connected to the flayed lord to make a man God to channel some powerful energy to the practitioner. If you look at an old photo of the mummy that is bound not the child the woman you can still see the string attached to the corpse. There are trees in the SA that were used for this ceremony. if you look at a lot of cave art from around the world you will find men or a deity with what appears to be strings coming off it.

      1. The original people were part of creation and had simple esoteric knowledge of the primordial forces and made use of it. The concept of a god or a creation being outside of what themselves could do would be only introduced by an enemy for control. The beings here now known as “man kind” are simple reflections used by the gods for war a father and son fighting over a girl essentially in Hinduism these would be Andhaka and shiva the original people were separate from this invading people beings knows as “gods” some of the original men took these “man kind” female invaders for wives and screwed up very badly.

        1. Hi Simon, it is my belief that the people coming to meet with the original people did not fully understand the concepts of a universal consciousness taught to them by the original people and returned to their homelands trying to convey what they had learned. As the concepts were well beyond their limited capability they constructed a humanised form in their minds and called it ‘God’.

          1. If what was taught left enough misunderstanding to be twisted into this “God entity” then it was taught wrong. We see an example of this today of the original teachings of Christ. His teaching is that God is within man then we had Paul come along and from his doctrine we see the formation of the Catholic Church which externalised the concep of God for the control and slavery of the people. I believe the original teaching would have been one of sovereignty like the original teachings of Christ. The God entity YHWH is a talpa thought form an old cananite God that gets used by reptilian men for people to freely give up their sovereignty and have such a low vibration that at death you become their food.

          2. I’m not sure it was taught wrong. I’m a teacher in a couple of fields and sometimes when we learn a new concept we try and fit it into our existing knowledge and little by little, if we are open to learning more, we slowly piece together what was actually meant. I know some of the knowledge passed on to me by my father, and other teachers, didn’t make full sense until years later when I gained full understanding of what he meant.
            So as the human race has developed in knowledge and understanding, we gain deeper insights through experience so long as we have the intent to learn and be open to new understandings.

          3. I agree totally with the highjacking of the teachings of Christ being used to gain power and build an empire diametrically opposed to the teachings. Typically using fear to keep people in-line and under control.

  2. The Hindu equivalent of Andhaka is lord of this world and in Australia at this time. (Again) He will be killed by shiva and this world distroyed and remade by the equivalent of shiva. The Christian God YHWH is man using the stolen bones the corpse of Anhaka and shiva or their equivalents when last here to perceive himself as a god. these items are called the Ark of the covenant in jewish mysticism this weapon is powered by burnt offerings it’s fake and limited in power. The equivalent of shiva used the primordial forces he makes his own fire so to speak.

    1. Hi Simon,
      Sorry it’s taken a while to get back to you.
      Yes, that powers at play are often beyond the comprehension of people within the Christian faith.
      When the next cataclysm arrives ….. Shiva may be seen again in full power!
      And, some of us again shall survive!

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