Science of Higher Sense Perception

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“Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.”
Edwin Powell Hubble

 The Science of Higher Sense Perception

We all know that we have 5 basic physical senses being; sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. These senses can operate at a normal level or a person can develop those senses to a much higher degree, either through training or naturally. But we have other senses as well. These senses come from our mental and spiritual natures.

Using guidance from the study of metaphysics, I have identified these senses as a basis for exploration:

Mental Senses:

  • Rationality
  • Perception
  • Memory
  • Motivation
  • Responsibility
  • Imagination

Spiritual Senses:

  • Self
  • Meaning
  • Value
  • Connection
  • Serenity
  • Enjoyment
  • Control
  • Achievement
  • Morality
  • Purpose

We often talk about our higher senses, but science pays them little or no attention other than through the treatment of ‘mental illness’ with the use of tranquilisers (anti-psychotics as they call them) and other pharmacology.

Our Mind recognises,  records and co-ordinates all of these senses as distinct from our brain that processes the physical interactions. The brain is like the ‘hard-drive’ and the mind is the ‘software’ that processes the ‘data’ stored in ‘memory’.

Within each of these grouping there are sub-sets of senses that feed and support, or detract from, the main sense group.

Each of these senses are crucial in the understanding of myths and legends if we are to understand their hidden messages and importance in achieving what Abraham Maslow called ‘Self-Actualisation’.

This video by Anil Seth on TED Talks explains how our mind perceives itself and the world around us. Anil talks about the brain and how it perceives, whenever he talks about the ‘brain’, change the word to the ‘mind’. Our physical bodies are inhabited by a soul that uses the connection of the mind to control the body through the brain. It’s all about controlling the hallucination.

In developing these ideas further, Dean Radin in his book “Real Magic” explores how we use our higher sense perceptions to create experiences of real magic in our lives. He presents scientific evidence that confirms what we have believed and traditional science tries to discredit.

There are other mental and spiritual senses and the list may expand as my understanding grows.

Click on each of the links above to get further understanding of each of these senses.