Developing Higher Sense Perception


Developing Higher Sense Perception can be achieved by following a dedicated practise along a proven path of success. The steps outlined below have been adapted from the work of Eugene Nichols and his work in developing the Science of Higher Sense Perception..

The development of higher sense perceptions is not super-natural or para-normal. We all have the ability to develop these heightened senses. They are very normal and natural states of awareness that is available to anyone.

When working through the steps you will find affirmations and a meditation to complete. Spend at least a month on each step. Don’t rush this as each step must be assimilated before moving on to the next. We are dealing with subtle energies and changes in perception.

You may want to keep a journal or diary of your journey to record changes as they occur which will also give you a reference point to look back on further down the track.

If you decide to spend a little longer on each stage, then do so!

It is not a race! There is plenty of time.


When you have become proficient at meditation, you will be able to reduce the preparation required to transition into a HSP conscious state and the separation of these conscious states will blur. Moving from one to the other will become more seamless.

As when you were learning to ride a bicycle, your first attempts will result in your feeling nervous, uneasy and uncomfortable as you begin to exercise your mental and spiritual muscles. Occasionally you will become unsteady, unbalanced and possibly fall off. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again.


You may have a favourite way that you meditate, if so, you can prepare yourself by using your own method for relaxing your body and release any stress or tension from your body. If not, you can try this method.


Affirmations are a way of changing your self-talk towards changing your inner beliefs. There are many types of affirmations used for many different purposes.

Some caution in using affirmations should be exercised as affirming for something to manifest also affirms for its opposite state. If you affirm to be ‘happy’ also affirms for your state of sadness and cancel each other out. So an affirmation should be from a balanced emotional state and directed towards creating events, circumstances or states of being.

The best way to do an affirmation is to stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye and state your affirmation. Once a day will suffice.

The Steps:

1: The Dance of Life

2: Discovering your HSP

3: Demonstrating Radiant Health and Happiness

4: Developing the sense of Metavision

5: Break the Time Barrier to Success

6: Use the Psi-phone of Telepathy

7: Tap the Psychic and Mystic Levels

8: Directed Dream Power for Success

9: Overcome any Fear of the Astral World

10: Generate an Aura that compels success

11: Reach beyond this Time and Place

Whether you complete every step within this process is entirely up to you. You may decide to develop one aspect of your sense perception or many parts. That choice is yours.

The results you achieve are also your responsibility. There are no guarantees of success or indemnification for failure. One thing is certain, something will change!