Adam and Eve – The History of Cataclysms

The story of Adam and Eve has always been an enigma for me until now!

My upbringing as a Christian within the Catholic tradition led me to question the story of ‘Adam and Eve’ in Genesis as part of the ‘Creation Myth’.

Chan Thomas first wrote this book in 1993, was sent to POTUS and subsequently seized and classified as ‘Top Secret’ by the CIA. It has recently been de-classified and released in a redacted form.

This file is the full un-censored photocopy of the book downloaded from the US National Archive. It is stored here as a way of preserving its vital re-telling of this ancient story at the core of Christian religious belief. It tells a story every person should know and understand from a scientific perspective. However, it is not just a Christian story, it is a story reflected through every culture on the planet.

I feel that I cannot do this work justice in a short blog and prefer to let Chan Thomas explain in his own words.

Memories of catastrophic events, including Extinction Level Events (ELE) are held within our DNA memory and recorded in the geological evidence all around us if you have the eyes to see. In a ‘Joe Rogan‘ interview with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson, they explore some of this evidence. It is an uncomfortable reality that most of us has chosen to forget. Instead we replace these traumatic memories with fantasies that help us to sleep at night.

The reality is that we live on the third rock from the sun of our solar system spinning at an alarming rate through space that is not empty. The world is not ‘safe’ and never has been! There are no guarantees that we will live beyond today!

Yet every night we set our alarm clock to wake us up for the new day! That is ‘FAITH’!

We make plans for the future that may never come! That is ‘HOPE’!

We set out for the day ready to face the world! That is ‘COURAGE’!

When you do these things in the fantasy of ‘being safe’, you are deluding yourself!

No wonder people become depressed and upset when reality hits.

The truth is that we live in a world in which a random piece of space junk could wipe out all life on this planet in the course of hours.

It has long been my view that if ‘Mother Earth’ wanted us gone, she has the power to shrug her shoulders and we would all cease to exist. Chan Thomas’ book demonstrates what that would look like!

This book should be required reading in every school and university on the planet. Maybe, when people realise just how fragile our life is and how quickly and easily it can be extinguished, they would change their behaviour towards each other!

There is hope!

If we don’t change our ways, she may just shrug her shoulders and we all disappear!

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