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I have long held the view that what the world needs is to reconnect with the myths and legends of our respective cultures.

For too long we have shifted to a reliance on ‘scientific thought’ and the desire to prove with facts that an event happened or that a person actually existed in order to give the story some validity.

We seem to have forgotten that the validity of the story comes from the message hidden within the tale. Whether the events or people actually existed is irrelevant to the message!

This is why movies and TV shows depicting the struggles between heroes and villains are so popular. They have replaced the stories found in books where your imagination could create the realms of ‘Middle Earth’ or of ‘Hogworts School of Wizardry’ far better than the artists working in the magical realm of movie magic. They just can’t compete with your imagination.sleeping dragon

A healthy imagination is so necessary for our mental and spiritual health!